Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back on the Grill!

Well it's been a big year with no bloging, but as the weather on the sunny Gold Coast begins to heat up again it is time for Red Hot BBQ to kick back into action! Check back in the next few days to see what great BBQ ideas we have come across.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Advertising Slogan Generator

As some one who works in a busy marketing company I find I don't have too much free time to enjoy blogging... that is until now!
Introducing the Advertising Slogan Generator!

A true test of commitment

Apologies for the long time between postings... after the hearty roast pork on the weekend I went into a deep hibernation much like the grizzlys of North America.

Anyway, after many training sessions with myself Tong Padawan now feels he has reached a point where he could successfully host his own BBQ and has planned this feeding frenzy for Saturday afternoon. However our sunny Gold Coast home is currently experiencing quite a rainy period much as it does every Indy season. I was sure this would test Tong Padawans resolve, but to my surprise when I looked out my window this morning I saw Tong Padawan out training his body for this event.


Friday, October 14, 2005

What's in a name?

The origin of the word "barbecue" is somewhat obscure and controversial. Some assume that it comes from the French term "de barbe à queue" or "from beard to tail" (especially buccaneers who would roast and smoke whole goats, impaled on a stick "from the beard to the tail") and refers to an animal cooked whole. Others believe that the Caribbean Arawak Indians taught the Spanish sailors the art of "barbacoa" (means: wooden sticks). The Arawak Indians placed the meat on green wooden sticks over an outdoor fire. Others claim that the Taino Indigenous Nation of the Caribbean used a term "Taino barabicoa" which means "The sticks with four legs and many sticks of wood on top to place the cooking meat." There is also the Taino word "barabicu", which translates as "sacred fire pit".

For more information check out...

TONG MASTERS Word of the Week!

VIDDLES n. An assortment of small yet delicious treats cooked on a griddle. Usually coated in cajun spices (Tong Padwans favourite) viddles may include: Chicken Wings, Chippolates, Meat Balls a la Anne-Marie, prawns... you get the idea.

And next time your sitting down to a plate of Viddles may I suggest having 'Cajun Fun' playing in the background... this swanky album is sure to liven up any southern styled feast!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stop the cruelty!

Removed from their warm beds, only to have their eyes cut out and skin ripped off their pale white flesh. Every year millions of young lives are cut short for the sake of delicacies such as chips, wedges, scallops, potato salads, the list goes on! PLANTS HAVE FEELINGS TOO!!! Put some pork on your fork and save a young spud today!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Tis the Season...

Christmas at TONG MASTER's is always a special affair normally involving the Tong Mother, Tong Father, Tong's five siblings and the inlaws. This year TONG MASTER is taking a bold step... Christmas at TONG MASTER's this year will be for TM, Tong's wife (Mrs Tong) and 6 invited friends (including Tong Padwan & wife). Please note this news has not yet been broken to Tong Mother and will go down like the proverbial lead balloon!

I feel it is my mission this year as TONG MASTER to prepare a traditional style Xmas day lunch but to do so over the hot coals in my six burner BBQ. As the day draws nearer I will be posting recipe ideas for the holiday season, but for now I am off to put up my tree! FELIZ NAVIDAD!

Weight Update

FYI... After the Monday evening way in for week one TONG MASTER is now registering 134.2kg on the scales... a loss of 3.3kg. It is also praise worthy to note that had TONG MASTER lived in USA the home of BBQ Ribs he would have gone from 303 pounds to 295 pounds... quite a milestone.

Friday, October 07, 2005

3 Week BBQ Recap

Thursday - Sept. 15th
- Purchased new 6 burner stainless steel BBQ with side burner, roasting hood & storage cabinet.
- Seasoned the grill with 1kg of pork fat at full heat.

- First meal… Lamb Burgers… simple, yes! I was stuffed after assembling the new beast!

Friday - Sept. 16th
- Grilled Chicken Breast with satay sauce and basmati rice

Saturday - Sept. 17th
- ½ Kg Rib Eye on the bone with Hasselback Potatos, salad and Balsamic reduction

Sunday - Sept. 18th
- Bacon & Eggs Muffin breakfast

Friday - Sept. 165th
- Grilled Chicken Breast with satay sauce and basmati rice

Saturday - Sept. 24th
- Wood fire gourmet pizzas

Sunday - Sept. 25th
- Wood fire gourmet pizzas (they were too good!)

Friday - Sept. 30th
- Chicken burgers with grilled pineapple and bacon

Saturday - Oct. 1st
- Refill 9kg gas bottle already

- Spit Roast 2.25Kg rolled pork in Honey Bourbon marinade and hickory smoke. This was amazing!

Monday - Oct. 3rd
- Lamb burgers

Wednesday - Oct. 5th
- Satay Chicken Strips with basmati rice and salads from Chef Walker!

Thursday - Oct. 6th
- Portuguese Chicken with Rice-a-Riso and steamed veggies.

Well… that’s the first 3 weeks worth of beautiful carnivorous delights off the new BBQ! Bet you wish you were there hey Blue!?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Big Whopping Blister!

Well after watching the biggest Loser on Monday night and personally weighing in at 137.5kg I have decided to begin my weight loss regime.

I have begun walking for an hour at 5am every 2 days with my wife and tong assistant and am also eating weight watchers food... I will post in weekly with new weight up dates!

BTW the whopping great blister is on my foot from these walks... it is not refering to my gut :)

Red Hot BBQ

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